Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Katie Dragon, age four

My little girl turned four the other week, and what did she wish for for her birthday? Why a dragon and a trampoline of course. I was afraid that after all of the work we did de cluttering our old house, we would arrive in Ontario, just to celebrate Katie's fourth birthday and be bombarded with un needed toys and such. This thankfully wasn't the case. When a little girl wants something badly enough, people tend to listen. Katie received many cash gifts, which added with our leftover Christmas money and mommy and daddy picking up the rest of the tab, resulted in a really cool trampoline. I know a few people with spring free trampolines, so it came well recommended despite the price tag. It was a pain to put together, but we all love it. It's even good for lying on at night to look at the stars. I have to admit, we didn't stay out long as I was afraid that the skunk might find us unarmed and unable to escape... so, onto the dragon...

Elijah's Aunt asked his mother what Katie was into, naming off the "normal" girly things : Barbie, princesses, polly pocket... My mother in law, being awesome as she is, said "Well actually, she likes dragons." So not only did Katie receive a surprise joint birthday party with Nanny and Michelle, she also got to blow out four candles on a really cool dragon cake. If I find a picture I will post it later, it was something special <3.

Now, for her gift from Mamma bear, I granted her Dragon wish and using this tutorial, I made Her a Night Fury, which she named Katie and quickly declared that it was four years old.

 She adores her dragon, and that makes this crafty mamma super happy.

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