Monday, August 25, 2014

Dance Pants

Isn't that little bow pretty? It also manages to be practical too, what an overachiever!

I started these pants ages ago, when the waistband of my leggings died. Since they were actually supposed to be workout pants, and I had the skirt from a cheap dance costume lying around, I just sandwiched that in when I made the new waistband and figured I was good to go. It looked like this (below), minus the two bits of ribbon. All was well until I actually wore them and the skirt was completely in the way during the warm-up. So they sat, lonely and neglected in the refashion pile until inspiration struck.

Ta-da! So simple. Sew one piece of ribbon to the waistband and another just below but under the skirt. Repeat, two in front and two behind. Gather and tie with bows for the warm-up, take them down and cover the dangling ribbons with a hip scarf while dancing. Problem solved.

Now I have something new and pretty for when classes start again for the year. I had so much fun costume making this year that I'll have to spend some time now and then making some pretty things for class too. Because everything should be pretty, right?

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