Friday, August 15, 2014

Pretty Sweatshirt Refashion

I was given this soft, great fitting purple sweatshirt probably about two years ago. I liked everything about it, except for the giant logo stitched across the front. That bothered me so much that I probably only wore it twice before taking my seam ripper to that logo. Which was unfortunately sewn on very well, leaving me with a dozen tiny little holes across the front... but hearts fix everything right?

I love sweatshirts for their comfort factor but always feel frumpy in them. I doubt that will be a problem this time!

This was just a bit of scrap material I had left over from a woven t-shirt I made about a year ago. I used every bit of it except for what I cut off around the hearts. I love it when things work out like that!

I especially love the way the bottom ruffle drapes. You can see here that I didn't attach it to the ribbing at the bottom, but to the seam inside where the ribbing meets the sweatshirt. This makes the ruffle flow better and was a more stable part to be sewing a woven fabric to, since it wasn't as stretchy.

An interesting fact about this sweatshirt is that I did all of the sewing by hand. Not for any particular style or logistics reason, I was just in a strange mood where I really felt like sewing but had no interest in pulling out my machine.

 It was probably a reasonable choice for the heart applique but definitely not logical for the ruffle which needed all of it's seams enclosed due to the loose weave of the fabric.

Whatever, it amused me.

Did you notice that I finally found a white wall to take pictures against? If by wall I mean "bathroom door which happens to be the only vertical white surface in my apartment". It's nice to have another option for gloomy days though, because the dresser isn't much use when it's dark out and outside obviously has, you know... weather.

So the door has three options; inside the door and too bright (above), outside the door and too dark to use or outside the door with it half open which gives a pretty effect but not as clear of a picture. Options are good though.

P.S. Remember the pink jeans from this post? The ones that I took in but that were a bit too tight? Well, I found the solution and it's going to blow your mind. I wore them. Only took me two months to have the thought that all of my jeans are a bit too tight out of the dryer, if not they start falling down halfway through the day. Ten points, I know. ;)

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