Friday, August 22, 2014

Sweatshirt Number Two: The Girly Version

So I had a brand new sweatshirt from Travis that was a bit too small for him, black of course, that had been sitting in my re-fashion pile waiting for inspiration to strike. (I have been attacking my mending/re-fashion pile with a vengeance which has still meant plenty of sewing but most of it is not exciting.) I was so happy with my last effort that I decided I needed another girly sweatshirt. So I searched Pinterest for "girly sweatshirt" and was completely disgusted by the number of weight-loss slogan sweatshirts that came up.  I did find a few useful ideas though, and this is what I came up with from them.

The shirt that mostly inspired it is here. I toned it down a bit and I think mine ended up looking a bit tuxedo-ish due to the colours but I still like it.

The bows are made from the original sleeve cuffs. I left the sleeve edges raw since they were the perfect length. I also moved in the shoulders and then flared it out from there to the original hem.

This was another irrationally hand sewn project. I'm fairly sure that's out of my system now though. The only thing that sucks about this... is that it doesn't fit me. I measured the sleeves wrong and had to take in the top to compensate and now it's too tight for me to get on comfortably. I know me, if it's a pain to put on it will sit neglected in my closet. So I've been mulling over whether I should undo the side/underarm seam and insert a strip of fabric (maybe black lace? I'm not sure how that would look though.) or if I should just throw in the towel and offer it to one of my more petite friends. Any thoughts?

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