Saturday, August 30, 2014

Skirting The Issue: Two Kinds of Cotton Skirts

So here are the first of the skirts I've been working on. I was given a donation to buy supplies for this year's project, (I won't lie, it was my mom) so I had some really cute prints to work with, They were nice enough that I just went with a simple skirt pattern. You know, side seam, hem and waistband then insert the elastic. Easy peasy.

! made eight this way. The sizes vary from about a size 4T to an adult small.

These two are actually refashions. They were tank tops with elastic bodices. I cut off any unnecessary parts such as straps, folded the top in half and stitched it to the inside seam where the bodice and the main piece meet.

Like so. (In case that explanation made no sense.) Those ones where the easiest of the lot.

So that puts the count at nine skirts so far. Stay tuned on Monday for the rest of them!

P.S. Did you sew any skirts? <3

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