Friday, March 6, 2015

Chunky Cowls

Winter warm cushy snugness, in super cute yarn. That's what I made. I love these so much I made six of them! It started with a last minute Christmas present. I grabbed two balls of a lovely red wool,  this fabulous but simple pattern (free) and had one of the nicest presents I made in just one evening. I liked it so much I used the rest of the yarn to make one for myself. Then two kid sized ones in random stash yarns (I kind of winged those ones). Then a blue and grey version for my Mom during a car trip. Then a two-toned purple version for my dance teacher... Then I came to my senses and stopped ;)

Deacon's version. He was pretty excited to see it "up high" on the screen.
Sophie's cowl is from the same yarn as her wrist warmers in my very first post.
This bottom one is mine, fuzzy from almost everyday use :)

Mmmm... warm things. It's been that sort of winter hasn't it? A take-some-of-the-inside-cozyness-out-with-you sort of year. If you have a crochet hook and a movie you've been meaning to watch this pattern is definitely worth making!

P.s. I just realized I've missed my one-year blogging anniversary. I was having too much fun with my real birthday I guess ;)


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