Friday, March 27, 2015

Mixed Pattern Dress

I made myself a couple of presents for my birthday last month. This was the first, a t-shirt refashioned into a dress. I wanted something pretty and comfortable that I could just throw on, but that wouldn't be so precious that I couldn't wear it to work.

The bottom is just your standard rectangle-gathered-at-the-top type skirt, I just added some pretty trim from my stash. (It was fate, there was only about 3 inches left over. Does anyone else feel nervous using something "special" from their stash? Isn't that the most irrational feeling ever? I mean really, the only real way to waste it would be to leave it in the drawer right?)

I then cut the t-shirt where I wanted the skirt to start, plus seam allowances. ( Cutting straight lines on striped fabric is oddly satisfying.) Right side to right side, sew around and voila! My only issue is that sewing a gathered woven fabric to a knit makes the seam bulky, hence the belt. Not exactly a huge deal since I was planning to wear it with the belt anyways.

I've had mixed reviews on this dress. The first time I wore it I was complimented on my skirt (because it looks like two pieces). I also has a co-worker ask me if it was some sort of apron. I'm ok with it though, I'm past the phase of wearing what other people think I should be. The feeling of wearing something that makes you smile is worth confusing a few people over ;)

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