Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Magic Kingdom books

I love books. My kids love them too. They love to use them as roller skates, they love to throw them, eat and rip them. Most of all, they love to read them, especially before bed. 95% of our nights include me reading to the kids. Among our fairly large selection of kids books, they have a few favourite books that we read frequently. These are kept on a shelf out of the baby's reach. Lately however, we have been reading a series of early reader novels called the magic kingdom. Katie adores them. DJ tolerates them because there is usually a picture on every other page.

In light of me getting out of my rut and sort of back to normal, we did a craft!  We made white clay using corn starch baking soda and water. google it for a recipe. i'm not completely out of my rut, and lost mine! after it dried, we painted them with "mommy's special paint" aka acrylic.
the snail and fairy are mine...

this is summer, one of the girls form the book. Katie's creation :)

Katie's snowman

some cookie cutter I's

Katie's caterpillar.
 And then we did another craft! Because I was feeling pretty good for a few days. Go read to your kids! NOW! and then do a craft, or two...or dare I say three??

I doubt that it looks like much to the untrained eye, but to a 3 and 4 year old, it's water falls, snails, pixies and much much more!

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