Wednesday, September 24, 2014

DJ's alter ego's

Inspired by your post about Deacon's baby Doll:

My son LOVES to wear dresses and Tutu's. Am I okay with it? Admittedly, I wasn't at first. I was afraid that people would be mean to him and shame him. He's two. He doesn't need to be a victim of bullying or verbal abuse just because he likes to dress up in Katie's clothes. The first few times I let him leave the house in a dress, I made sure it was just to a friends house, until I became comfortable with it. Now, I don't care. Today, his nails are even painted a pretty blue ( Thank you Aunty Ariel, he adores them <3). If someone comments on how cute my girls are, I normally let it slide. If he catches it, he corrects them. Not once has someone said anything mean to him or about what he wants to wear. I have never been confronted about it, except by people saying how wonderful it is to see kids just being kids. So, may I introduce Princess DJ ( Katie on the other hand, likes to be called Prince Katie)
And DJ as a "Hockeygermy"

Love him :)

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