Friday, September 26, 2014

Guess What I Made? (Birthday Present for Mom)

What is that?

Or this crazy shape?

It's me playing with my birthday present to my Mom, camera accessories! 

It was pretty funny making her guess what each thing was. This is a camera strap cover with a lens cap pocket. The little shape makers probably have a more technical name than that, but they're pretty simple and self explanatory to make. I'd probably use black for them in the future though, and maybe use a punch or another one of my Mom's scrap booking tools for clearer edges.  

This is a camera buddy, you put it around your lens to make the kids look in the right place. It's from a free online pattern that I found here. Definitely go check it out despite my terrible picture. I'll be making myself one for sure!

P.S. Sorry for the dark couch pictures. I finished these the night before I planned to give them to her (story of my life!) so the options were all dark since I rely heavily  on sunlight for any half decent pictures I manage. I am researching a solution though. Have no fear, you are not forever doomed to my mediocre photography skills :P

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