Friday, September 5, 2014

First Day of...Not School?

It felt a little strange having all of the chaos of back to school around us, and then having a perfectly normal day. (We are homeschooling and this would have been Sophie's first week of Kindergarten.)

This year she was still pretty oblivious to it all but in the future we may have to come up with some of our own traditions. Maybe getting to choose some exciting new project supplies, or a field trip to a suddenly quiet during the day attraction. Or a party with her cousins. I'm incredibly grateful that Jess is homeschooling too. It keeps me from feeling like the only crazy one out there!

On the spur of the moment we found our own way to celebrate this year. We let Sophie dye her hair purple!

We used Manic Panic, which is very gentle and washes out (fairly) well.  This is the best picture I could get, hair colours are hard to photograph.

I only hope it doesn't fade weirdly!

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