Monday, September 29, 2014

Studio Ghibli Concept Sketches

So, I have a day and a half to sneak in my post for this month's Sew Geeky theme, and I'm posting pictures of things I haven't made yet instead. I couldn't help it though. Studio Ghibli films are kind of my happy place and I had so many ideas going around my brain that I had to organize it somehow.

I was watching Spirited Away when I started so it has the most thorough  sketches. For each one I sketched the original outfit (or character in Haku's case) and then my variations, usually based on patterns I knew I had on hand. I outlined and coloured them so that Sophie could  visualize what she was choosing better, but they're cute so I'm sharing.

Haku is by far Sophie's favorite sketch. Not any of the clothing designs (Why do I need new clothes Mommy?),  but because there's a picture of a dragon in the middle. She has insisted that it go on her wall when I'm done with it. I did Zubaba's dress as well, not because I particularly like the character but because her dress is interesting.

The other movies got squashed a fair bit more. This next one has two and the others three. I thought she might want to be Kiki and that her black dress would make a cute peplum top but Sophie wasn't impressed. I'm pretty fond of the Michael dress though (Howl's Moving Castle), it looks kind of steampunk to me.

When I asked her which ones she wanted to be she just picked the characters from the movies she likes best. She wanted to be Satsuki and Mei from Totoro, and Ponyo.  Three complete outfits in two days was not happening, so thankfully I didn't have anything that would work for a Ponyo dress. Looks like Totoro wins in our house again!

Yes I did do another page but it was movies I liked and she'd never seen (Castle in the Sky, Nausicaa, Princess Mononoke). Also it was the last page I did and I was running out of steam, so it really wasn't very creative.

Hopefully you'll get a bonus post this week, with the actual outfits!

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