Monday, September 15, 2014

Not the Only Crazy Parents On the Planet Homeschool Group

So, both Jess and I have "officially" started homeschooling (aka the girls are kindergarten age). I'm definitely glad that we have each other to talk to because we've been having a ridiculous time finding like-minded people. I've been trying unsuccessfully to contact the local homeschool group and Jess has started an online one where she lives, only to find out that she'll be the only one still in town within the year! When she found this out she told me that we should start our own group, so here goes!

I am hereby forming the Not the Only Crazy Parents On the Planet Homeschool Group.

Founder: Kathryn
Guilty by Association: Jess

Membership Requirements:
Willing to hang out with us/our children (in a loosely educational sort of way).

Strongly Recommended:
- Having children that you are or are planning to homeschool
- Living close enough to actually attend events

Group Goals:
- Having people who know what we are talking about so that we don't feel like fringe lunatics
- Social interaction with humans over the age of three for our children
- The ability to gather in a group to prove that more of us exist

Membership Fee:
A willingness to put up with our pseudo-hippy ways


P.S. Sorry for the lack of crafty posts. I am still making things but I keep having minor catastrophes that delay the finished products. I'll tell you some of those stories in the next few posts.

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