Monday, September 22, 2014

Skate Bag

So we did a giant "celebrate all of the September birthdays at once" dinner this week, and crammed 13 people into the kitchen of my brother's one bedroom apartment. We of course came bearing gifts and mine was a bag to carry his skates.

He had been using some sort of mesh grocery bag before this that was getting sliced to bits by the skate blades. I was going to make it triangular like mine that you see poking out inside, but that doesn't leave room for gloves if you're playing shinny.

I also added an inside pocket to hold a skate towel. It;s made out of denim and some super thick cotton blend I'd originally bought to make kid pants.

For Rachel's present we followed Jess's example and went with kid-helped jewelry. Sophie's attention span didn't last long, hence why the purple one wasn't finished as we were walking out the door. Mom got a picture of Rachel wearing all 7 pieces of birthday jewelry on  top of her own. It was beautiful. ;)

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