Monday, May 19, 2014

A Summer Outfit for You Know Who

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's... A T-shirt! For me! That I made! And nobody knew! 

Ok, ok. I will reluctantly accept that this is not as exciting to you as it was to me. This shirt was a little ray of sunshine to me though so please indulge me for a moment.

 I drafted the pattern by tracing an old favorite that was starting to get those little holes in it. I used cuffs for all of the hems because I would probably have cried if it had gone all wavy on me at the end, after all of that anticipation. I used bright, happy yellow stripes because a) I had enough for an adult sized shirt and b) my 
wardrobe needed more colour before I lost my mind. (The suitcase strikes again. It was packed in January and is not well equipped for spring.)

The other thing that's taken a hit are my pants. I packed  three pairs of jeans and managed to rip holes in two of them a few weeks ago. This pair just got the hem half ripped off because they were close enough to the right length that I was too lazy to shorten them. Turning them into shorts was probably an improvement, fashion-wise.

The cute print is one of the fat quarters Jess sent me for Christmas. It's nice having a couple of fun bits of fabric to add onto things here and there. When I first had the idea of adding a print to the cuff I was a bit worried that they would only match a few of my shirts and it wouldn't be practical but it hasn't been an issue yet since I chose something pretty neutral against the jeans. 

I actually made these two things to be worn together and haven't managed to make it happen yet. Wouldn't they make a cute couple though? (Yes, I know that I'm a weirdo. I've just learned to embrace it.)

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