Monday, May 5, 2014

A T-shirt Blitz

So I went a bit nuts again. I realized that Sophie had exactly zero t-shirts in her next size and decided to fix it. Right that second. I grabbed the first few t-shirts that appealed to me from the refashion pile, pulled some cute knits from my scrap bin and drafted some patterns (with mixed results) from a pajama top. After an afternoon at my Mom's and a marathon the next night,  here's what I came up with.

This one's my favorite. Probably because the sleeves are from one of the cutest onesies she had. It did not however survive Deacon. The yellow shirt belonged to my Dad and the blue trim was from the scraps of the shirt below. The pleated front is the other feature that I absolutely love about this shirt and it was actually a mistake! My attempt at eyeballing my first raglan sleeve pattern left me with a neck opening that her shoulders would have fit through and the little pleats were my solution.

Shirt number 2 has the same giant neck problem but for a different reason. I forgot when I made it that I needed to cut the ribbing smaller than the neck opening. It was the last thing on the last shirt in the middle of the night though, so it'll have to wait until I'm not sick of looking at it to be fixed ;)

This one makes me really happy too. The top is made from scraps of a shirt I loved years ago. I'd used the bottom in another project but there was just enough left for me to re-size the bodice. The bottom is from a plain purple t-shirt out of that freecycle bag. It wasn't an inspiring colour on it's own but with the top it's perfect. The only thing I might change is to add a bit of something to the neckline. I find it a bit low for a child.

Last but not least is the gathered neckline shirt. It's based loosely off of this top from Craftiness is not Optional. (Maybe I should have followed her raglan sleeve tutorial too lol!) I had fun looking for different ways to make a neck opening that wouldn't get caught on her head. It made a huge difference trying them on her and was probably the only thing about them she appreciated. (With an audience like that you can see why I blog!) She again refused to have her face in the pictures, so sorry to any relatives hoping to see more of my child than her torso. The only reason she let me try them on her at all is that I bribed her with Easter candy. (Arguments like "I need to know if this actually fits you" don't strike her as important.) So in a way, you could say that this post was brought to you by the Easter Bunny. Who would have guessed that he was really leaving trails of leverage?

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