Monday, May 12, 2014

Colourful Summer PJ's

Summer PJ's were in order, since Sophie insists on sleeping under her blankie no matter the weather. These are a little silly, with their bright colours and frilly lace straps, but pj's aren't exactly a serious item of clothing. I used this tutorial: 
Her versions are much sweeter and girlie-er than mine, but I was just using old t-shirts for my materials. She isn't kidding when she says these are quick though! Especially if you're using t-shirts since that gives you finished hems. I did all of these in the space of an evening's worth of television. 

They look like they're different lengths mostly because I varied how long the shorts part was. (For example the blue one was just barely long enough to use, but the yellow one needed long legs if I wanted to include the design.) The shirt picking criteria was just anything that was long enough and not  earmarked for another project. My only cost was the ruffled elastic (4.40$ for the total project cost) since the t-shirts were free; one from a race, one from the freecycle bag and two of my Dad's old ones. I'd ask him if he finds it strange how often I dress my children in his old clothes but by the time I'm done with them he generally doesn't recognize them unless I point it out!

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