Monday, May 26, 2014

Elephant Rug

In hopes of a home to put this in soon, I made an elephant rug.

Is that not the cutest little guy ever? I really feel that like it needs an ear though but I'm afraid I'll trip over it if I add one. Sophie took one look at it and told me it needed babies :) Maybe you'll see some elephant pillows in the future! 

I just folded the edges over and hand sewed them down. (We're still in the keeping the feet up stage.) Whether I put a non-slip layer on the back will depend on where we live and what sort of floor we put it on, since I'm pretty sure this would stay put on carpet.

 Can't you just picture a baby sleeping here? If I'd made this a few days ago I could have played photo shoot with baby Hunter :) I made it out of this grey and white fake fur that I got a ton of for 4.99$ at the thrift store. I used maybe half of it. Unfortunately the baby elephants are the least strange use I've thought up for the rest. (Ewok hats and Princess Mononoke capes come to mind.)

These pillowcases are where the elephant idea came from, I plan to turn them into laundry bags and thought it would be cute to pull one of the animals from here. It's a good thing pinterest exists though, because without it I'd have a much harder time coming up with things to occupy myself with! Turns out I'm not a good patient, two weeks into putting my feet up occasionally and I'm going squirrely! 

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