Wednesday, May 7, 2014


 Katie has a love for sleepwear, and sometimes goes through 3 or more pairs of pajamas in a day. Even though we had enough pajamas to get her through a week, it wasn't enough considering how many pairs she can dirty in a day. I had some old PJ's of mine kicking around, and decided to turn them into Katie sized jammies. The top ones had a hole in the crotch. In an attempt to avoid that problem again, I used french seams to sew them.
 These two pairs, I bought as sets. After washing them once, the t-shirts were way too short, and so were the pants. I cut the pants into pajama shorts for myself, and used the left overs to make mini ones for Katie. The T-shirts were resized, using the basic T-shirt tutorial from
There was one other pair that i made, but they turned out a little small, and not blog worthy.

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