Friday, May 30, 2014

Ewok Babies!

They will capture you with cuteness! But not with spears. My children find weapons enough on their own without me handing them any.

So half of my kid sewing idols have this thing they do called Sew Geeky. It's run by Max California and Sew Chibi who are basically the rock stars of the geeky sewing world. (Some of my other favorite kid sewing bloggers are things like Sanae Ishida or MADE, with much simpler, classic styles. I'm not sure what that says about my fashion sense. Hopefully the mix works? lol)

Sew Geeky is exactly what it sounds like: a geeky theme is announced and we all make something that fits the bill. Obviously we're all about Star Wars this month. (I'm sure at least one person out there went "May the 4th be with you to you...)

"I sat here while you put this thing on my head already, like I'm staying put for photos when there's a whole backyard I could be wreaking!"

So Ewoks hoods aren't the most original thing I could have made. I didn't put a fancy new spin on what's already floating around the internet. To be completely honest my kids don't even know what Ewoks are since Sophie won't sit by and watch something bad happen to an animal, even on TV. Picture to yourself how many times something fuzzy gets hurt in those movies. Yah...

As far as my kids were concerned these were just a new addition to the dress up box. No fancy clasps they had to do up. Not too hot to wear in summer. Just some wonky old pillowcases made out of jersey and some scrap pieces from the elephant rug.

Ok, so he kind of looks like a Jedi baby with bear ears in this one. Guess one size doesn't fit all :)

Look! It even has a hooded cape option if you get sick of this game and shove Mommy's silly hat thing off of your head so that you can see properly!

Little Miss "No Face" strikes again.

I will admit that it's kind of amusing to dress my children in cultural references they don't understand. I do my best to brainwash them with an age appropriate level of geeky-ness though. I figured I'd done my job as a parent when Sophie asked for a Totoro birthday party, complete with catbus and birthday dress! I'll share, I promise. You'll probably have to wait until next Friday though, since I've been dying to give you a sneak peek at one of my belly dancing costumes first! 


  1. It's so cute!! I know what you mean when you say you pass on your geekines and hope that it sticks! My middle girl insisted on being Totoro for Halloween! And my oldest wanted a "Happy" hoodie which is a character from an anime that we watch! Sigh* happy mom. Your "no face" reference- is that in regard to Spirited Away?! And you say such sweet things! It's very endearing that we inspire you! THANK YOU soo much for this! I'm so pleased as punch that you sewed along with us!!! Please keep up with our antics and keep sewing along (if you want!) on Sew Geeky's Facebook! Truly excited you shared this with me!


  2. She hates having her picture taken right now so we usually compromise and I just take a picture of the outfit, not her. She's started going "No face!" when I pull out the camera and I can't help it, I think of Spirited Away every time lol. Glad somebody got my little hidden joke ;)