Friday, May 16, 2014

A Winter Cloud, Some Salvaged Knitting and a Craft Fail

Don't hate me for the snow, it's still a cute shirt people. Look how well those colours go together. See how it incorporates my love of clouds. Notice that the stain I missed when I bought the shirt at a thrift store is covered. :P  

So next up we have the disastrous sweater. It is now a dress-up skirt. (Or a dress-up poncho if your name is Deacon.) Don't worry, it looks much less like a sweater with the armholes filled in when it's on, I just took the  picture that way to show what I did to fix it.

Here's a better look at my ruffles. I decided to fill in the gaps with crochet even though the sweater was knit for two reasons. The first is that it made picking up stitches and joining to the sweater really easy. The other reason was that I wanted to add the ruffles at the bottom and single crochet makes a nice sturdy grid to attach them to.

So here's the promised craft fail, for your amusement. We were having a similar issue to the undies problem with the shirts I've been sewing for Sophie, mainly that they have no tags in the back to show her how to put them on. The simple solution would be to buy some plain white ribbon and use my fabric markers to make some. I wanted some way of recording what size everything was anyways, so that would be perfect right? Haha, wrong! Wow did those markers bleed! They look like I let Sophie draw them! I considered just sewing some pretty ribbon where the tag should be, but now I've got my heart set on having the size in there too so I guess it's back to the drawing board.

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