Friday, May 23, 2014

Look! I Actually Have Two Kids I Sew For! (AKA Baby Shorts)

Ok, seriously, there are the cutest thing ever!

They're the Fancy Pants Leggings again, but the shorts version. I cut a 2T this time since his leggings are getting small and we need room for a cloth diaper bum.

 Here's a look at the front, plus bonus baby toes to make the Mama's squeal.

You know me, if something's quick and easy I go on a rampage and make a hundred more. (Or 3)

These shorts are so great I didn't even wait to photograph them before putting them on the baby! (Meaning I may or may not have stolen these from the laundry pile...)

Maybe I should have said 2.5 pairs of shorts. I hurt my legs within a week and a half of deciding I could totally just run (despite my last attempt being pre-Deacon) and haven't been able to use my sewing machine since. I have however spent a ridiculous amount of time with my feet up knitting and hand sewing things so you may get to see some of that soon.

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