Monday, March 3, 2014

Diaper Elastics

Hello blog land, it's been over a year since I've posted on here. If you've been reading this, you'll know that my sister and I will now be using this blog for everything from activities with the kids, to sewing projects. We are currently expecting baby number three, who is due to arrive in a matter of weeks. I had been meaning to start posting again at the beginning of February, but have been busy getting ready for the baby. For my first post, I'll just be showing you one of my baby sewing projects.

Before Katie was born, we invested in 12 GroBaby diaper covers. After being used with two kids and stored in a cold basement, the elastics were shot. Instead of replacing the elastics, I bought 8 new GroVia covers. My second child, DJ, has been potty trained for a little while now, and having the new covers in cold storage has already started to wear out my elastics. We're trying our best to use what we have and save money, so instead of buying new ones again, I replaced the elastics on my original 12 diaper covers, and once the new ones need to be replaced, I'll do the same to them.

A few diapers with new elastics, unfortunately I didn't think about taking before pictures. 

The old elastics, they smelled like burnt rubber and you could hear them cracking and breaking as I stretched them.

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  1. Isn't that such a satisfying project once you get around to doing it? It took me a good two years to do the same to mine because I was sure it was going to take forever and be horrible! Way to tackle the project box! I would also like to peer-pressure you into taking pics of those pj's, all I could really tell from skype was that they were in fact pajamas ;)