Monday, March 17, 2014

Some Quick Refashions

I picked up a few bags of clothing off of Freecycle awhile ago and was able to add about a third of it to my kids refashion pile. (I donated the rest.) Most of it will basically be used as material ie: a pair of adult pants has enough material to fit the pieces of a kids pants pattern on it, so while they'll stay pants their original shape won't matter. These two pieces were close enough to shapes that Sophie could wear that I pretty much just brought them in.

Another "no face" picture

A sweet little summer maxi dress. Even Sophie admitted it was pretty. (She's decided that she will never need new clothes again and is ignoring my attempts to make her next size.)

I didn't take a before picture on this one because it's so similar. I cut off about a third off the side, sewit it back up again, fixed a tear in the lining and made some straps from the cut off bodice pieces. Voila, ladies tank to little girls dress!

These are actually a pair a ladies leggings. They said size small/medium. They were so incredibly stretchy though that all I had to do to make them fit a preschooler was shorten them and take maybe 4 inches off the waist. Not looking so different below eh? Oh wait, there's a seam through the top! Not the same pants after all!

I may have to taper the hem a bit, Sophie hasn't let me try them on her yet. Not bad for an evening's worth of work!

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