Monday, March 10, 2014

The No-Seam Allowances Pajamas

AKA Good Thing My Kid's a String Bean 

Sorry it's an ebay listing, the only place I could find it was the seller I bought it from. (They're excellent by the way if that's your thing.) The book is called Handmade for Children and if you scroll down the ebay listing you can even see the pictures of this pattern from the book. If you've used a Japanese pattern book before you know that they don't include seam allowances, you add them as you trace the pattern. Unless you're on a roll cutting out pattern pieces for your next few projects and forget that the middle one is a different type of pattern... (wait, you don't do that? You finish one project before starting another? Has anyone suspected you of being an alien before?)

She agreed to pose for the picture as long as her face wasn't in it.

I realized my mistake before sewing so I stitched as close to the edges as I could. The only thing that was really a problem was that the binding for the neck and arms weren't pattern pieces, they were "measure a rectangle this many centimeters" and I didn't clue in that this would make them too big. You can see in the picture above that they don't lie flat. 

Know what else I forgot? To iron the shorts before showing the entire internet!

Sophie's thin enough that she can still wear the shorts. The bright side is I was saved from needing elastic in the waistband! The little lace cuff on one leg is because I used an old nightie of mine to make these. If I wanted to keep the original hem and flowers for the bottom of the shirt I had to get creative on where the other pattern pieces went! If you look closely you'll also notice that there's a seam through the middle of the bodice since I couldn't put it on a fold. 

Over all I'm really happy with these. I'm kind of hoping the binding evens out a bit in the wash but if not, they're just pajamas. Don't make the mistake of calling them pj's though. Sophie will correct you quite sternly ;)

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