Monday, March 31, 2014

The Dragon Bow Dress

I would love to start this post with an explanation of what a dragon bow is, but since Sophie's the one who named it I'm afraid we're out of luck. She wasn't feeling this dress until she decided I was sewing a dragon bow onto it so I'm not going to complain!

The pattern is from Let's Go Out Girl's Clothes, it's the other Japanese pattern book I have ( find it here, with pictures: ) You went and looked at it right? I love this book. It makes me so happy! I want to make everything in it!

I made this out of a men's xxl t-shirt so I was lucky enough to have room to use the existing hem for both the bottom and the sleeves, which made this come together really quickly. This is the first pattern I've tried from this book and I found it really clear and easy to follow, especially considering I couldn't read it! The only issue I had was with my machine. It was skipping stitches no matter what I did, I even started wondering if I really remembered putting that ball point needle in! (Nope, it was in there. Just a temperamental machine day.) I chose to sew the inside of the collar in by hand because of that. This makes the inside look pretty sloppy but I can live with that for now. Over all I'm really pleased with how this turned out. Light, comfy, easy and classic. Also dragons. Enough said.

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