Friday, March 7, 2014

Sensory Bucket

I originally set this up to use on our balcony with moon sand (google the recipe if you have littles, you won't regret it!).  It's just two dollar store buckets, one deep and a shallow one that fit in the top. I put in a tiny tea set, kids rake and shovel, a mini flour scoop and a sand castle mold. I just had all of these on hand, you can use anything really.  I've been trying to set up things for Sophie during Deacon's naps that she can't normally do because he's around. I've seen people put things like corn and rice in these so I figured beans were just as good and that's what we happened to have already.

She played with it three days running and was surprisingly good about picking up the beans she dropped. She played tea and bean store, then tried to build a bean castle. Then the animals joined the fun. What should we put in next?  I'm thinking tinfoil a la  Paint On The Ceiling:

What would you put in?

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