Monday, March 24, 2014

Some Things Work Better in my Head...

I saw this cute little pattern for a sweater, in exactly Sophie's size and I had to make it! You have to look at the original, even if it's just to see what this sweater is supposed to look like lol

You see? Super cute. Mine came out like this:

Not terrible or anything. I followed the pattern and it came out the shape it was supposed to. I wanted to use up yarn from my stash and had originally planned to do this in a gorgeous red, but when I pictured her shirt sleeves poking out I switched to a neutral which I regret. Better to have a bit of clashing then spend a month and a half of your time on something boring...

Sophie chose the buttons herself. I'd promised her she could in an attempt to get her excited about it. Another (slightly selfish) regret since I think different buttons could have saved this.

The real issue is the fit. Not the pattern's fault, just one of the side effects of having a string bean. I figured it wouldn't matter since this is meant to be fairly loose fitting but it changes the silhouette. As my husband said when he saw this "Welcome to the 80's!" ;)

Any suggestions on saving it? I can't frog it or switch the buttons because she's in love with the sheep. Worst case scenario the pocket could destin it for a paint smock?

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